Volunteers are essential

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No matter how much time you have, your volunteer experience or your skill level, there is place for you at Hub of HOPE. We have multiple teams and opportunities that could fit your skills and expertise.

How to help

Get to know our volunteer teams.


Fundraising works in relationship with Hub of HOPE Fundraising Committee to brainstorm, plan, and implement events and projects to raise funds to sustain the work of Hub of HOPE and its teams.


Administration assists with office work, filing, developing forms, social media, website management, etc.


Training focuses on raising awareness in our community about the issue of human trafficking as it exists globally, including Northwest Arkansas.  Our education trainings are tailored to the audience we are working with. We have specific trainings for church groups, youth and children, parents, medical professionals, civic organizations, educators and other school personnel, law enforcement, hospitality businesses, other nonprofits working with vulnerable populations, and the general public. Merchandise may also be available at some training events.

Community Events

Community Events focuses on raising awareness in our community about the issue of human trafficking as it exists globally, including Northwest Arkansas.  Awareness can be achieved through booths at community events and collaboration with community partners. Merchandise may also be available at some community events.

Parents Against Child Trafficking

Parents Against Child Trafficking (PACT)  works to bring awareness to the issue of child trafficking and how it impacts ordinary people every day.  The PACT initiative supports parents who may be unaware of the dangers that threaten children and teens. PACT educates and equips parents and others who oversee children to understand the tactics of child predators, recognize the warning signs, reduce a child’s vulnerability, strengthen relationships, and put protective measures in place. PACT works in the PREVENTION and EDUCATION arms of the Hub of HOPE mission through outreach, events, and training presentations.

Sisters Encouraging and Empowering Direction for Survivors (aka SEEDS)

Sisters Encouraging and Empowering Direction for Survivors (SEEDS) meets in facilities that work with individuals who are at a high risk of being trafficked or exploited.  SEEDS presents a Powerpoint-led discussion in jails, prisons, shelters, transitional living, and residential recovery centers. This team seeks to provide awareness regarding sex trafficking and to teach individuals how to advocate for themselves and others.

Survivor Support Group

Survivor Support Group: is made available for survivors to meet together and support one another.  Volunteers must be certified in “Ending the Game,” intervention to facilitate the curriculum.  There are many volunteer opportunities to assist with other group sessions focusing on life-skills, therapeutic art, and a variety of other topics and activities.

HOPE Advocates

HOPE Advocates support survivors and walk with them through their journey of restoration and healing by assisting them in following through with their established goals. Survivors of human trafficking deserve to feel safe and well-supported as they transition from a life of exploitation into a life of freedom. HOPE Advocates work closely with clients as they learn necessary life skills and grow toward self-sufficiency, which decreases the vulnerability for trafficking.

Victim Response Team

Victim Response Team sees value in meeting victims where they are and respects their unique recovery process. Our collaborative partnerships in the community allow us to better ensure that victims of trafficking and exploitation are empowered by accessing a diverse array of resources. Human trafficking victims are identified through an assessment and intake process. Then connections are provided for immediate needs such as food, shelter, clothing, and emergency medical needs. Victim Response could include safe transport of a client to a shelter or other community resource.


HELPline provides phone support to law enforcement, local agencies, community members, and victims of trafficking and exploitation. The HELPline exists to provide initial contact with Hub of HOPE and to connect potential clients with the Victim Response Team to start the process of healing and restoration. The HelpLine is scheduled for one-week rotations.


Outreach provides opportunities to meet potential survivors. Team members provide information on Hub of HOPE and human trafficking in vulnerable areas of our communities.  Team members will provide written information as well as engage in conversation about human trafficking and the work that Hub of HOPE is doing. This team also puts together “HOPE bags” to have available for survivors that we meet in these areas.


All volunteers have to meet the same expectations.

Volunteer Application and Selection Process
  • Attend Hub of HOPE Awareness and Victim Response Training (8 hours)
  • Formal one-on-one interview with Hub of HOPE administration
  • Complete volunteer application and background check (Fee of $13.95)
Upon successful completion approval and acceptance:
  • Sign confidentiality agreement and non-discriminatory acknowldegment
  • Volunteer Team Training (Outreach, Education and Awareness, Victim Response, SEEDS, PACT, HOPE Advocacy, Helpline,  Survivor Support Group, Administration)
  • Ongoing training will be provided when necessary
  • Members shall exhibit a spirit of humanitarianism
  • Members shall support the mission, vision, and values of Hub of HOPE
  • Members shall be free of any addictions or habits that would hinder their example to other volunteers and clients
  • Members must be at least 18 years of age to serve on any Victim Service Team  
Volunteer Commitments
  • Designate a Hub of HOPE team for volunteerism
  • Attend the Human Trafficking Awareness Training
  • Attend the Volunteer Team Training
  • Attend monthly Volunteer team meetings (estimated two hours each month)
  • Log volunteer hours
Purpose of Role

To reach and provide care for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation by collaborating with community service providers. To educate and raise awareness about human trafficking and provide prevention for community members. To support the Hub of HOPE staff and administration.

You make the difference.