Why We Exist

People Selling People…

Today, across the globe, there is an estimated 50 million people living in modern day slavery. They have been forced, coerced, or tricked into sex trafficking, labor trafficking, child sex trafficking or some other form of human trafficking. Human trafficking is the trade of human beings for profit. It not only happens in other countries but also right here in the United States. We exist to increase awareness and provide services to those who have been victims.

People selling people

A crime of exploitation. A hope for freedom.

Traffickers and Victims

• Trafficking victims might not know what trafficking means, they might not know they are being trafficked, and it might take years to realize and accept they were trafficked.

• Traffickers manipulate reality, maintain control of basic needs like family, shelter, and food.

Arkansas Statistics

• In 2020, the National Human Trafficking Hotline reports 295 contacts and 99 human trafficking cases reported in Arkansas.

• Arkansas Crime Information Center reports that there were 13 arrests for human trafficking charges in Arkansas in 2021. In 2022, there have been 4 arrests.

• Since 2000, there have been 14 convictions for individuals facing human trafficking related charges in Arkansas.

National Facts

• It is estimated that the average age of entry into sex trafficking in the United States is somewhere between 12 - 16 years old.

• It is estimated that 46% of people know their trafficker or recruiter prior to being trafficked.

• Many people in the United States don’t have awareness of the issue of human trafficking happening in their communities.

Global Facts

• Human Trafficking is one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world. 

• 70% of the victims of sex trafficking are female.  30% are other genders.

• Each year, the global human trafficking industry makes an estimated 150 billion dollars

There is HOPE

People helping in different ways.


• Awareness is the first step to combatting human trafficking. It assists communities to have a meaningful and impactful response in prevention, to assist victims, and to take action against the demand for human trafficking.

Victim Services

• It is important to have a response to victim’s needs where trauma-informed practices are established. Effective agencies place importance on developing trust, enabling mutual respect and creating self-determination through cooperation.